On a whim, the human race is subjected to external forces and situations. Emotional intelligence fails to intervene when it is most needed—worry and fear are unavoidable in the majority of us. Do the tiny little voices in your head frequently overwhelm and discourage you? Do you feel compelled to believe and succumb to those voices that tell you, “This is impossible” or “You should give up”? These voices are often louder when you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do, or when you’re basking in the warmth of silence. 

e of 12, one does not believe that anything can shake them. One thinks themselves untouchable because they’re just at the precipice of becoming a true teenager. Being at the edge of 13 and being so close to entering junior high makes one feel like they’re on top of the world, being able to do what they want, how they want it, and barely having to answer any questions –– unless mom or dad or a guardian has something to say about it.

pictures are all lined up in a row across the long wooden table. One by one, every current member gets to choose an initiate to make their own. As the weeks go by, these new young prospects get left notes by their respective elders. Granted gifts and words of encouragement, a connection is formed before each pair even meets face-to-face. “I know we haven’t met yet, but it feels like I have already known you forever,” they proclaim, still anonymous. “Once you become a part of us, you will have a unified family forever.” 

2018 marked a triumphant year for Maryland indie rock trio Snail Mail. Led by frontwoman and chief songwriter Lindsey Jordan, their full-length debut album “Lush” was sighted as an instant classic upon its release, with many championing Jordan’s guitar virtuosity and vocal brilliance across “Lush’s” 10 tracks. 

Your relationship did not work out for whatever reason. Whether it’s been a few weeks or a few years, you’ll have come a long way in learning something you didn’t know before. There will have been highs, which have been removed from your story because you’ve broken up, but you still own those good times, those happy memories. There will have been lows, and instead of seeing them through the rose-colored glasses of someone who wanted to make it work, you can see them for what they truly were.