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Autumn’s Lavish Decay, An Individual’s Evolution

ture of the upcoming months before it topples into the new year. However, this period presents a moment for reflection and introspection as we lavishly watch nature decay, leaving behind individuals with an increased affection for the fall.

A ‘Snail’s’ Pace

2018 marked a triumphant year for Maryland indie rock trio Snail Mail. Led by frontwoman and chief songwriter Lindsey Jordan, their full-length debut album “Lush” was sighted as an instant classic upon its release, with many championing Jordan’s guitar virtuosity and vocal brilliance across “Lush’s” 10 tracks. 

Work Like a Dog (Read: College Student)

My work-life balance amounts to an abysmal ratio, as the only time I am truly away from work is when I venture off campus either for a trip down Boston Post Road or for a longer stay  home. This is a reality for many college students, part time and full time alike; work-life balance is hard to obtain and would come at the expense of professional advancement and achievement.