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 College Is Hard: An exit.

Little did I realize that my final article in this magazine would eventually come full circle, with me reflecting on all of my graduate experiences. As I kept reminiscing and filtering through experiences, I realized that I had learned something that had not been obvious to me previously. Now, I am days away from bidding […]

Where the Mayflowers Grow

The thing about Mayflowers is that they grow unyielding to your presence or absence. Delicate though they are, little stops their annual appearance, signaling warmer weather and better times. In the same spots as they rooted 20 years before, Mayflowers are witnesses to the land they adorn and the people who have come to inhabit […]

Fear of Fear: in an Ocean of Flame!

Humans are a hot mess. Yes, you read that correctly. When we should be most proud of ourselves, we instead beat ourselves up for a multitude of mistakes we make daily. Let’s assume you’ve finally mustered the courage to switch majors during your college career. You can’t deny the trepidation, years of accumulated fears, your […]